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About Us


Our Process

Business in San Benito is a service of Farmhouse Communications, a full service public affairs, public and community relations firm in Hollister, CA led by Farmhouse President, Kristina Chavez Wyatt and a team of local experts.

Farmhouse serves large & small businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations, grassroots community groups, communities and potential investors across the Central Coast. 

We cultivate opportunities by growing relationships, sowing seeds of strategic engagement programs, allowing big ideas to take root.

  • We’re not about taking credit; we’re about getting the job done collaboratively.

  • The Farmhouse Communications team collaborates to achieve your desired results. We roll up our sleeves and really dig in.

  • We believe in working hard and providing personalized service.

  • We’re guided by the principles of respect, honesty, ethics and achieving true sustainability for our community.


Our Projects

  • Economic Development Corporation of San Benito County – development of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for San Benito County, program & event support

  • San Benito County Business Council – association management and development, issues diligence and advocacy, policy analysis, meeting and event management

  • Due diligence, project management and relationship building programs for small businesses and local investors. 

Connecting communities & businesses with resources to ensure their stability and put them in the best position to grow and thrive in San Benito County

and beyond.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are here to help you succeed in San Benito.

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